SEO Copywriting

That not only improves your Google Ranking and FREE traffic, but also converts more sales too.

Google is changing fast.

In the early days of online marketing you could stuff your content with keywords, get a few “spammy” links to your page and start ranking on page #1 of Google.

These kinds of practices will now see your site banned from Google (which basically makes your site invisible to customers) and will do nothing to help your website convert if people ever do find it.

SEO Copywriting for Today’s Google

As a complete online lead generation and marketing agency, Net Profit is always on the pulse of what is happening in regards to search engine optimization and Google algorithm changes.

Google is getting smarter, which means it is getting better at deciding what content is most relevant for it’s users (the people using their search engine).

Our SEO copywriting services ensure your website copy is written to attract, engage and convert more of your website visitors into customers, though with a slight twist…

Even though Google is getting very smart there are still certain (technical) things you need to do to rank your website on page #1 of Google for your target keywords.

Our SEO copywriting services will make sure your website:

  • Uses correct meta titles and descriptions
  • Has keywords used in H1 and H2 Tags
  • Avoids keyword spammy, blackhat SEO copywriting techniques
  • Is compelling and keeps visitors on your site longer
  • Uses simple “Plain English” explanations of all technical terms

When you get the blend right it can have a major positive impact on your Search Engine Optimization rankings.

Get it wrong and you could get hit with a “Google Slap” that ruins your business.

For more information on our highly refined SEO copywriting process click here.

Make Google Work Harder For Your Business

To ensure your website is optimized to appeal to both your ideal customers buying motives and the “Google Gods”, call 813-816-1736 or email us here.

We can discuss your SEO strategy and explain how our SEO copywriting can help fast-track your page #1 Google rankings.

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